Fly Repellent For Rabbit Hutch |

Hang a fly-strip near the hutch – but not anywhere your bunny or other pets could have a go at nibbling it yeuch- not to mention danger from the chemicals. Cleaning the hutch is a must, do it daily because flies are attracted to urine soaked and dropping-clad fur and hutch materials. Disinfect your rabbit’s bowls, run and hutch at least once a fortnight. Clean your rabbit’s eyes and mouth daily, and be on the lookout for any sores or open wounds. Consider using fine mesh netting over the wire of your rabbit’s hutch or run, to minimise the chances of flies being able to get in. Symptoms of fly. Sticky fly paper can be used outside the hutch but never in an area that the rabbit has access to as it can stick to them and cause terrible damage. If the rabbit is housed indoors, an electric insect killer can be used in the same room as the rabbit is housed and net curtains can be used in the windows to reduce the amount of flies entering. Caring for Rabbits. Hawks too, will take a rabbit and these fly into the metropolitan area, especially in times of drought when their normal prey is hard to find. Contrary to public perception yet again! rabbits are not hardy,. This is the type of hutch commonly used to house rabbits.

24/01/2009 · Natural fly repellent for rabbit hutch? I hear lavender oil is a good repellent so if I were to drop some in the hutch, yes, it would keep flies away, but would it be OK for the bunny?? Update: When you use lemon, do you mean drop lemon juice around the hutch. for any & all rabbit equipment & small animal equipment. We also sell bunny bag purses, rabbit & bunny jewelry & angel jewelry, home decor, gifts, Country Bunny Bath & Body, and stained glass stepping stones. Located in Bulverde, Texas20 miles north of San Antonio 5/16/07. 23/06/2014 · Hi, I want to make some little scented bags to hang in the shed as fly repellents. I'm sure someone on here used to sell them? Just wondering, I was thinking of getting some dried lavender and would citronella oil be ok? I'm thinking I'd need to put it on some cotton wool or stuffing of some kind? Hope someone can advise!:wave.

Your rabbit hutch will appeal to snakes because it provides an easily accessible source of food, water and shelter. Unfortunately, snakes and rabbits are not known for cohabiting gracefully. Snakes, especially poisonous ones, can pose a serious hazard to your pet bunnies. If you keep your rabbits in a hutch. 25/01/2009 · Natural fly repellent for hutch? If I were to drop some lavender oil inside the hutch, yes, it would repel flies, but would it be OK for the rabbit? I wouldn't think they'd like the smell inside their cage. Fly Screen Mesh - per metre. Flying insects won't be able to enter your house or greenhouse if you fir this Fly Screen Mesh to the windows. Excellent for putting over rabbit hutch doors /runs to stop flys getting in & causing fly strike.

Keep your hutch secure. Check regularly for signs of weakness caused by your rabbit. Some rabbits will chew the framework of their hutch which can end up weakening the structure to the point that a fox may then be able to force themselves inside. Chewing is unfortunately a common problem with some rabbits.

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